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When that boiler (a different brand which came with our home) sprung leaks inside and rusted out and we built a new house and needed a bigger model, we knew we definitely wanted another one. We researched most of the brands available and decided on Portage and Main because of the features it had compared to our old one.

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Portage and Main and general questions | Forums Home

I have a central boiler, but looked at a portage and main. They are well built high quality boilers. They were just out of my price range. Whatever you choose, burn responsibly and enjoy the independence.

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Polar Furnace | Portage Main Furnace | Ultimate Outdoor

In 2014 propane prices soared to near $5.00 per gallon. I decided it was time to look at outdoor furnaces and looked at many brands and models, finally narrowing my decision to the Polar G-Class or the Portage and Main Ultimizer. My final choice was the G-Class because I believe in using seasoned wood.

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Wood boiler water treatment |

I installed a Portage and main wood boiler last summer, so far I really like it. I just sent in a water sample to the supplier and he did a test on it and said I needed to add a half gallon of water treatment. He sells a product, not sure of brand name, for $90 a gallon. I thought that seems to be alot of money.

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Portage & Main Boiler Products | Ultimate Outdoor Furnace

Portage and Main Boiler customers are homeowners, farmers, commercial and industrial businesses, schools and municipal authorities. We sell boilers across the entire continental US. Our STANDARD Heater delivers on simplicity. Nothing is complicated about this heater.

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Portage & Main ML30 Coal Outdoor Water Furnace at Obadiah's

The Portage & Main ML30 Coal Outdoor Water Furnace is a coal/biomass boiler that can hook into any forced heat source already installed in your home.

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Central Boiler vs Heatmaster in Firewood and Wood Heating

If your brand of boiler choice is not yet "set in stone", and your mind is made up to purchase a conventional style unit, I'd like to recommend that you seriously take some time to look at the Portage and Main boilers.

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Ultimizer Series BL 2840 & BL 3444 -

Portage & Main Outdoor Water Furnace Brick Lined BL Ultimizer SeriesWood Burning-- January 2013 Page 4 THE PORTAGE & MAIN OUTDOOR WATER FURNACE The Portage & Main Outdoor Water Furnace is safe and highly efficient, conveniently installed outside your house to give you the comfort you desire for your heating season using the oldest

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HeatMaster G-Series vs. Portage & Main Boilers

Jan 16, 2017 · HeatMaster outdoor wood boilers are made of corrosion resistant 409 stainless steel while P&M boilers use mild steel. HeatMaster products only have vertical heat exchange tubes while Portage & Main boilers have horizontal heat exchange tubes which can accumulate moisture along the bottom causing corrosion, especially in mild steel units.

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The highly efficient Portage & Main Outdoor Water Furnace, with industry's best warranty, can provide 100% of heating requirements. Also known as outdoor wood boilers, yard furnaces, outdoor hydronic heaters, wood boilers, etc. models are available to heat homes, multiple buildings, greenhouses, shops, hot tubs, pools, domestic water and more.

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Portage and Main -

Biomass Portage and Main: Portage & Main Enviro-Chip Burner 500 - Discontinued: Portage & Main ML30 Coal Outdoor Water Furnace: Portage & Main ML42 Outdoor Water Furnace: Coal Portage and Main: Portage & Main Ultimizer BL28-40 Boiler: Portage & Main Ultimizer BL34-44 Boiler: Wood Portage and Main: Portage & Main Economizer IDM 100 Furnace

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Portage and Main Wood Furnaces -

Oct 23, 2019 · Portage and Main manufactures several types of outdoor wood boilers, including gasification and EnviroChip models. The company is headquartered in Saskatchewan, Canada. Portage and Main appears to be privately held.

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Green Heating Solutions Ottawa Valley Portage and Main

Portage & Main Outdoor Boilers have provided families and businesses with comfortable heat for over 40 years. We are recognized as the industry leader with time-tested and proven designs. Our primary goal is to deliver more heat into your water pipes and not up the chimney pipes, all while providing exceptional customer service and satisfaction, day in and day out.

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Portage and Main BL 2840 or BL3444and coal |

Apr 27, 2016 · Hearthstone Heritage, Portage and Main bl2840, Stihl 441 with 20'' and 25'' bar, dolmar ps421, troy bilt 27ton wood splitter, old 2 way spitter, fiskars x27, 2009 Kawasaki brute force 750- the wood hauler

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Portage and Main Boilers | Forums Home

Aug 15, 2016 · I currently heat the house with a wood stove with an oil furnace backup. I am hoping to run the outdoor wood boiler through the oil furnace plenum. I also hope to heat a hot tub with the boiler. The outdoor boiler will be stored in a shed. I am primarily looking at the Portage and Main line up of stoves.

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