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Grindmaster CS2-220 Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine w/ (2

The Grindmaster CS2-220 semi-automatic espresso machine has two groups of heads that accept tall cups, and the front of the machine is curved for a unique look, while the black sides match almost any theme. Monitor the unit with the pressure gauge and sight glass, and the temperature is stabilized with a 13-quart exchange boiler.

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Best 2019 2 Group Head Espresso Machines | Commercial Coffee

They range in size from the compact Nuova Simonelli or La Spaziale Spazio or S9 compact to full size machines like the Nuova Simonelli Aurelia, Victoria Arduino White or Black Eagle, or the Slayer machines. Most coffee shops use full size two group machines for optimal performance during service.

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Best Commercial Espresso Machine (December 2019) - Buyers

Oct 14, 2019 · Most boilers are made of copper and are heated with a electrically-powered coil. The size of the boiler will help determine how many drinks you can make per hour. For two group machines, boiler size usually ranges from 5 to 14 liters or 1 to 4 gallons. Three or four group machines can have a boiler size up to 22 liters or 6 gallons.

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Expobar Rosetta 2 Group Espresso Machine - Lowest Online Price

Expobar Rosetta 2 Group Espresso Machine. ROSETTA CONCEPT. The machines in the Rosetta range are elegant and solid, with a sophisticated design that draws attention to them. The wide range of models means that you will always find a machine that perfectly suits your needs.

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EXPRESSO COFFEE MACHINE 2 GROUPS+DISP.-BLACK : - Version for espresso coffee and American coffee (small lifting cup rest grill). - Boiler capacity 11 litres. - 2 steam valves, tube and head steaming all stainless steel - 1 hot water outlet, electronic control, programmable.

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Dual Boiler / Heat Exchanger Clive Coffee

Dual Boiler / Heat Exchanger. If lattes or cappuccinos are your drink of choice, then a heat exchanger or dual boiler espresso machine is right for you. The dedicated steam boiler means plenty of power to pull shots and steam milk back to back. The only thing to worry about is where youll put your latte art trophies. La Marzocco. $4,900.

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Some thoughts on heat exchanger vs. double boiler espresso

Jan 28, 2009 · Double boiler (DB) machines take a brute force approach to temperature management. Need water at two different temperatures? Fine, let's just put two separate boilers in the machine. The brew boiler is kept at brew temperature, and the steam boiler at steam temperature. Primary disadvantages are additional cost and power requirements.

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Espresso 101: The Methods And Machines Behind The Perfect

May 25, 2013 · The first must-have is a double boiler system, where one boiler heats water for the brew, and another heats water for the steam wand. The two processes have different temperature needs 100C

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Espresso Machine, LIRA 2 Group Espresso Machine

The LIRA Two Group Espresso Coffee Machine is designed to continuously produce one to four cups of espresso coffee or cappuccino at the same time. It is ideal for the medium to large café or restaurant. The Lira Series of espresso coffee machines is a perfect blend of modern and traditional design.

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Two group multi-boiler precision espresso maker

Large capacities multi-boilers (individual coffee boiler is 1.65 Liters), with intelligent management of the power supply and PID proportional electronically thermally regulation of each powered unit (pressure sensor on steam boiler) STEAM GLIDE LEVER®: 2 High precision steam wands controlled horizontally and infinitely adjustable

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What are Double Boiler Espresso Machines - Coffee In My Veins

There are machines with single boilers, double boiler and even machines that evade the boiler system with one dedicated with heat distribution. Each does perform the essential task of a perfect cup of espresso but there is one that stands out as the greatest.

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La Marzocco Linea 2 Group Semi Automatic Espresso Machine

Thanks to its saturated brewing groups and dual-boiler technology, the La Marzocco Linea 2 Group performs consistently in the highest volume settings. This professional espresso machine's straight lines and simple charm occupy many cafés, roasters, and chains, whose names define the industry.

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Expobar Monroc 2 Group Commercial Coffee Machine

The Expobar Monroc 2 group is an automatic espresso machine with 2 groups, electronic switchboard to control the coffee dosages volumetrically, with automatic water filling and copper boiler with 11,5 litres capacity with heat exchanger per group and cleaning valve.

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Two Boiler Two Groups Coffee Machine

Expobar Monroc Coffee Machine:-This espresso machine, with 12 litre copper boiler features two group heads, a single steam wand, one manual hot water tap and an element protection alarm. The Expobar Monroc is a semi-automatic machine with built-in pump and electric motor. Double retention valve and solid particles filter

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Coffee Machine Pratica Carimali 2 Groups - English

Coffee Machine Pratica Carimali 2 Groups, the professional coffee machine in traditional design and a user friendly lay-out. 4 selection buttons plus continuous delivery. Push button panel and machine front in stainless steel. Automatic level control for boiler and heating up stage.

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